The all-in-one tool for creating and managing advantage clubs.

Ultimate solution to create your own network of partners and customers where everyone wins.

Free trial for 15 days

Return on investment ~ 5 months

Connect the whole city.

Create your own community, club, network or movement. Give the name you want. You will create a powerful relationship network.

Free trial for 15 days
At the cafeteria, club members exchange their points for delicious desserts.
In the cafe, 5 purchases on Monday days are worth warm breads of cheese.
At the gym, all club members have a 20% discount on tuition.
At the convenience store, you exchange your points for fuel vouchers.
At the restaurant, the club participant for every 10 meals gets 1 free meal and level up and now only needs 9 meals to get another gift.
At the supermarket, the club participant gathers 1000 points, wins a beautiful ecobag and even competes for a car at the end of the year.
At the mall, the participant collects points and exchanges for Cinema tickets.

Create multiple campaigns and generate thousands of interactions through the use of gamification.

Our system allows the creation of sweepstakes by the federal lottery, exchange of points for products and the creation of exchange points throughout the city.

Free trial for 15 days