Foster customer loyalty in this way.

The customer receives a digital wallet in which they accumulate points through purchases.

and exchange.

For example:
Accumulate 300 points
and exchange them for
a gift or discount.

Accumulate, redeem, and enter to win.

Example: accumulate 150 points, exchange them for a panettone, and enter a chance to win a car through the Federal Lottery.

Shopping on Specific Days

Example: Make purchases on 5 Fridays and earn a gift or a discount.

Shopping by

Example: Purchase 3 times at service stores and receive a gift or a discount.

1º  Step

The customer registers for your rewards club.

2º Step

The customer uploads a receipt into the system by either scanning a QR code or by submitting a picture of the invoice.

or they can input points using a voucher.

3º Step

Enters the number into the digital wallet.

4º Step

Upon reaching the challenge's point target, exchange to reserve and then go to pick it up.


By encouraging the customer to accumulate points through purchases, the acquisition cost decreases with each interaction.


Customers who have points show more interest in participating in campaigns, significantly increasing the length of the relationship.


Considering the reduction in acquisition cost, the return on investment occurs in approximately 5 months.